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Aluminium Side Bags

Rp 28.840.000

Panniers made in aluminum with a thickness of 1.5mm, ultra-resistant and spacious (LEFT 33LTS, RIGHT 38LTS), they are powder painting coated to offer maximum protection and durability. They areensured to the vehicle by a lock system with a special security key and they can be easily removed in a few seconds. Additional locks are supplied so thatcan be used only one key for side cases and the 48LT top box.

The opening from the top facilitates the loading. The internal bags are sold separately. 100% Made in Italy. Side bags support 2S001342 needed. Main Features: easy remove System, top openings and loading, Moto Guzzi key lock personalization, ABS Hinger cover, monokey (Pannier and top Box), hermetic closure to stop water and dust, safe lock system.



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