Moto Guzzi V7II Stone Stars in the Movie 1,000 Kilometers

September 27, 2017

Jakarta, 08 August 2016 – To enliven the custom bike culture in Indonesia, PT Piaggio Indonesia (PID) supported Sekepal Aspal, an entity of motorbike enthusiasts that regularly holds annual motorbike art exhibitions. During Sekepal Aspal Indonesia Motoart Exhibition 2016–a celebration of the beauty of custom bike art and the lifestyle of custom bike enthusiasts–Moto Guzzi V7II Stone from PID becomes the star and true best friend for its rider in a 51-minute semi-documentary film titled 1000 Kilometer (1,000 Kilometers).

“Indonesia and the diversity of its culture are a source of inspiration for Piaggio Indonesia. Through the movie 1,000 Kilometer, PID shows the beauty of Indonesia through the eyes of two-wheeler riders and showcases the performance of Moto Guzzi that is suitable for Indonesia’s geographical features,” said Andre Sanyoto, Marketing Director of PID.

The movie 1,000 Kilometer is about the journey of three best friends from different backgrounds–Syafwin Ramadhan Bajumi (Abim), Yusuf Abdul Jamil (Ucup), and Ahmad Raihan Ramdhani (Ehan)—to numerous destinations that are the center of custom culture development in Indonesia. Ehan, a very creative medical student with millions of brilliant and unique ideas, chooses Moto Guzzi V7II Stone for this journey.

The movie takes the audience on a 1,000-kilometers long wonderful journey from Jakarta to Bali during which the three riders savor the beauty of Indonesia, its nature, the streets, the people, the tourist attractions, as well as the different terrains on their two-wheelers. Ehan displays the strength and masculinity of Moto Guzzi when negotiating tough terrains, be they city asphalt roads, dirt roads and sandy coastal roads.

“If you ask me to sum up the experience of riding Moto Guzzi V7II Stone in one word, all I can say is: fun. This motorcycle is very easy to personalize and accommodates the rider’s needs in terms of performance, even when driven on the beach,” said Ehan, the rider of Moto Guzzi V7II Stone in the movie 1,000 Kilometers.

The movie 1,000 Kilometer is more than just an ordinary piece of entertainment as it also tells the story about the beauty of the custom culture history that has taken root in and become a part of Indonesia. The movie is also an attempt at bringing the general public closer to motorbike communities and at sending the message that tough and fierce-looking bikers are ordinary motorists, just like other road users.

“We are very pleased with the availability of Moto Guzzi as an option that completes the custom bike ecosystem in Indonesia. Moto Guzzi has been popular for more than fifty years, and it is a great honor to have Moto Guzzi in this movie,” said Rizky Mandra, one of the Executive Producers of the movie 1,000 Kilometer. “Through the movie 1,000 Kilometer, which is supported by Moto Guzzi, we as custom bike enthusiasts send a positive message about custom bikes and their riders. We hope that through this, fellow two-wheel lovers and road users will associate large-sized bikes and custom bike riders with a more positive image.